Retractable roofs for transhipment

The European ports buzz with activity. Ships navigate in and out, but before they can depart or after they have moored, a quick and efficient transhipment is an absolute must. This means that goods from the ship are moved to a storage area or vice versa. It is during this transhipment process that Blommaert’s retractable roofs offer the appropriate solution. The more accessible the storage area, the smoother the transhipment. The sliding hatches save you time, increase efficiency and store your goods safely.

Mobile roofs have a double advantage

A storage area with a retractable roof entails a double advantage:

  • The mobile sliding roofs can be opened 100%. This saves time when loading and unloading your bulk goods.
  • The mobile sliding roofs can be closed 100%. The storage area is optimally protected against the weather conditions and other circumstances.

Port operators can enjoy the strength and protection of a closed roof, but the advantages of a mobile sliding roof.

The sliding roof can open in just a few seconds. This can be done manually with a hand-winch or electrically.

For any type of shed

Our retractable roofs can be fitted onto any type of shed. We have already installed sliding roofs on large sheds in various dry bulk terminals, where a port crane can unload direct from the ship into the shed. An ideal solution for storing large quantities of dry bulk quickly and safely, and keeping them dry.

The hatches can also be fitted easily onto concrete blocks or retaining walls. Do you have an uncovered shed and you would like to keep your goods dry? Blommaert would be glad to help!

All materials?

What if you store artificial fertilizers, salt or other aggressive materials and think that these materials may damage the roof? Blommaert's years of experience have given us a really solid knowledge of materials. We design and build a roof that is extremely resistant to environmental factors. References of sheds where aggressive materials are stored are available on request.


Blommaert takes care of your whole retractable roof project. We listen to your requirements, measure up and design the roof. We also do the installation and maintenance.


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