Retractable roofs for the recycling sector

In recent years, more and more products and materials have been recycled, processed and re-used. Recyclable products and wast need to be stored with the necessary attention to people and the environment. In other words: screened off from the visual, acoustic, and physical viewpoint. Dust, noise, smells and soil pollution can cause serious nuisance.

Covering the goods is essential, but delivery and collection must be able to occur efficiently and economically. Blommaert offers the right solution to meet these requirements.

Blommaert makes all its mobile sliding roofs to measure and can respond to any request. Moreover, the sliding roofs are durable and 100% recyclable. Blommaert will provide you with support during implementation. Analysis, dimensions, engineering, assembly and after-sales service. You can rely 100% on our expertise.

The sliding hatches are mounted onto concrete walls, storage pits, legioblocks, or existing roof structures. Our experienced installers are your guarantee of fast, proficient installation.

The retractable roofs in aluminium have a maximum span of 16 metres. The length of the roofs is unlimited.


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