Retractable roofs for storage

How can you keep bulk goods dry during storage, yet load and unload them easily? Blommaert sliding roofs are the answer. The retractable roofs are used in all sorts of different sectors. Agriculture, recycling, biomass, road building, public services,... The type of product that is kept dry is also diverse. Sand, recycling materials, salt, wood shavings, wood pellets, manure, straw, compost, artificial fertilizer, sludge, asphalt,...


The retractable roofs can be opened completely, right up to 100%. This keeps your storage facilities readily accessible for the trucks that come to load and unload the shed. So they are able to dump their load right at the back of the shed without anything needing to be shifted first. This not only saves time, but also makes full use of available space. Blommaert makes all its mobile sliding roofs to measure, and can respond to any request. Moreover, the sliding roofs are durable and 100% recyclable.


Blommaert will provide you with support during implementation, analysis, dimensions, engineering, assembly and after-sales service. You can rely 100% on our expertise.


The sliding hatches are mounted onto concrete walls, storage pits, Legioblocks or existing roof structures. Our experienced installers are your guarantee of a fast, proficient installation.

The sliding roofs in aluminium have a max span of 15 meters. The length of the retractable roofs is unlimited.


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