Retractable roofs for covering in general

Blommaert makes aluminium ship's hatches as well as made-to-measure sliding roofs. Our years of experience and expertise make us a flexible partner who can offer the right solution if you are looking for a suitable way to cover your goods. Often we receive requests to design a roof to cover a shed or storage facility. A task that our engineers and specialists will be delighted to take on. The result? A personalised, high-quality and durable retractable roof.

Protecting production areas

Certain production areas need to be completely enclosed, yet must remain accessible if necessary. Spraying systems, car washes, a truck airlock. Or sometimes an enclosed space needs to be created for security reasons. Using Blommaert sliding roofs, industrial firms can build a watertight space which remains easily accessible.

Protection of facilities

Many areas of industrial sites must be securely protected. Pump systems, water basins,... However, it is necessary for these facilities to remain accessible for certain inspection or servicing activities. Blommaert's mobile solutions can screen off these systems in a safe and efficient manner.


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