Retractable roofs for covering biomass

Dry storage of wood shavings or wood chips is essential in the process of biomass-fuelled heating. A suitable storage location is also essential.

The mobile roof with sliding hatches keeps the biomass completely dry, yet it can be topped up efficiently. The wood shavings and wood chips can be topped up quickly, and maintained at their optimal moisture level.

Projects: Custom-made solution!

We can make a custom retractable roof to fit your facility. Blommaert takes care of the engineering, installation and, if necessary, maintenance of the sliding structure. Whether it is a storage bay built of concrete elements where a tipper truck dumps the biomass, or a bunker structure where wood shavings are unloaded by crane, Blommaert sliding hatches can be used in all kinds of applications.

The sliding hatches can be manually or electrically driven. Below, you will find photos of biomass storage for the Municipal swimming pool in Eindhoven and a retractable roof on a bunker structure at the biomass storage facilities of a school and swimming pool in Zwolle. Two different projects where our sliding roofs guarantee dry yet efficient storage.

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