Retractable roofs in Polycarbonate

Blommaert's retractable roofs can now be supplied not only in aluminium, but also in polycarbonate. With this new innovation, smaller storage sheds can be roofed over less expensively. Moreover, polycarbonate is translucent and could very well be the solution if you are looking for something more pleasing, aesthetically.

Properties of Polycarbonate Roofs

  • The outer glazing of the roof consists of 16mm-thick UV-resistant polycarbonate panels. These retractable polycarbonate roofs can be mounted on various substrates, such as concrete or steel.
  • The maximum span for retractable polycarbonate roofs is 7 metres. Aluminium retractable roofs can have a span of up to 15 metres.
  • Roof coverings in polycarbonate let in light. Moreover, a polycarbonate roof is aesthetically pleasing. With this latest innovation, Blommaert is offering an economical, high-quality solution for small and medium-sized storage sheds.
  • The retractable roofs may be operated with a manual winch or be electrically driven.

Sophisticated Rail System

The rail system for the polycarbonate roofs is made from sandblasted, metallised steel with an Oxyplast coating. This makes them extra resistant to external influences. The rainwater can be collected in the rail gutter and drain away at the front or back of the shed.


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