Retractable roofs

Blommaert is a market leader in aluminium hatches for inland waterway vessels. We also use that expertise for making mobile roofs for use on land. These mobile roofs made of aluminium sliding hatches can be used for a vast number of facilities on land:

Advantages of a mobile roof

  • Dry and efficient storage of sand, salt, artificial fertilizer, recycling materials and biomass
  • Optimum protection and accessibility
  • Strong yet lightweight and extremely easy to use structure 
  • 100% opening of the roof possible
  • Large spans (of up to 15 metres) 
  • Time saving when loading and unloading

Blommaert makes all its mobile sliding roofs to measure, and can respond to any request. Insulation or fire-retardant coating? We will be glad to listen to your specific wishes and then offer you a custom-made solution. Our aluminium sliding roofs are durable and 100% recyclable. These retractable roofs are the ideal solution for loading and unloading with cranes.


The roofs can be mounted on an existing or a new structure. The roof can be installed on stackable concrete blocks, retaining walls or other structures. View our product video of some realized projects here.


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