It is important for road safety that our roads are kept free of ice in cold temperatures. For this reason municipalities and other public services need to store sufficient salt so as to be able to deploy the grit trucks when it freezes.

Drawbacks of exposure

It is very important for the quality of the salt for it not to be exposed to rain or snow. According to a study by the UK’s National Winter Service Research Group (NWSRG) failure to keep it dry can have serious negative consequences.

First of all there is the environmental damage if tons of uncovered salt gets into watercourses. Also after periods of heavy rain it was found that as much as 15% of the salt stocks were lost.

Why do we need to store salt?

Weather is unpredictable. If it suddenly starts to freeze and you have no stocks, you will not be able to buy the necessary stocks in time. If the salt is stored correctly and kept dry you can keep it for a long time without its deteriorating. Naturally you will want to be able to store it quickly and simply. That’s why both small municipalities and larger government organisations choose a Blommaert salt shed.

Advantages of a salt shed with sliding roof

As a government body you want salt storage to be efficient and fast. Blommaert has 40 years of experience building salt sheds and sliding roofs. By using the right materials and techniques we ensure that our salt sheds will last a very long time.

  • Minimal maintenancethanks to the use of high-grade materials. The aluminium sliding roof is made from the high-grade AlMg3 alloy. This is highly salt-resistant and is also used for example in portholes on seagoing vessels. All other materials are corrosion-proof. The rail construction is also made from galvanised or metallised steel. All fastening materials are in stainless steel.
  • Rainwater can be captured through the rail structure and drained away
  • Optimal waterproofing
  • High residual value, since aluminium is 100% recyclable
  • All welding work is carried out in accordance with EN 1090 standards.

Project support from A to Z

Blommaert takes on the entire project monitoring for the construction:
• Complete engineering
• Placing of concrete lego blocks or retaining walls
• Erection of the aluminium sliding roof and/or gate
• After-sales service

Furthermore a static calculation can be provided for the entire construction.

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