The new Winter Service support point, situated in Rotterdam, spans an area of over 5,000 m² and features many smart and innovative solutions.

This winter service grits all roads and cycle tracks over a total length exceeding 1,000 km. This support point can be seen as one of the most modern because it has been equipped with the latest techniques and associated sophisticated logistics. This makes it possible to work rapidly, efficiently and, above all, safely.

Importance of Blommaert Aluminium

The storage shed has been completely renovated. This process had to take account of the needs of the surrounding area. This meant that a maximum height was specified for the roof.

This limitation, of course, posed a problem for the large trailers that come to deposit road salt in the bunker. To enable these to unload an entire tipper full of salt, a Blommaert aluminium sliding roof was chosen.

Our mobile sliding roofs slide fully open and shut, as required, to a full 100%. This makes the storage area very accessible to the many lorries that come with their loaders to unload the salt. This means it is easy to deliver the salt without breaching the conditions for the roof.


The sliding roof will have to open and close several times a day, which is why electrical operation was chosen for this application. The roof can be opened or closed smoothly with one press of the button. Our mobile sliding roofs also have the following characteristics:

  • Strong construction while also being light and easy to handle
  • Maximum utilisation, roof openings to 100% possible
  • Manual or electrical operation, as desired
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • Environment-friendly as they are recyclable
  • More efficient use of cranes, lorries and bulldozers due to large opening

In other words, Rotterdam is all set for the winter!

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