The customer Shuweihat 2 power and water plant contacted Aspire Mechanical & Electrical Services LLC to propose a solution for a retractable roof to cover their lime stone storage area.


The Shuweihat 2 plant has a generating capacity of 1507 Megawatts of electricity of power and 100 million imperial gallons a day of desalinated water.


Six installed multi-stageflash distillation units produce distilled water from sea water. This distilled water is not drinkable yet. In the following process, minerals (gained from the limestone) are added to the water to make it perfect drinking water.


The sliding roof can be operated electrically, this makes that it can be opened and closed smoothly.


Together with Aspire, Blommaert was in charge of the complete project management and was fully responsible for the installation on site in Ruwais, a place in the desert about two and a half hours drive from Abu Dhabi. Blommaert being OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) provided design, fabrication and the supply of main equipments. The Aspire team managed the logistics and site installation together with the team of Blommaert.


After the installation and completion of the project we were congratulated by the customer for the work that has been delivered.


'We are very satisfied with the roof construction, but also with the craftsmanship of your employees here on site. They have done a great job under difficult circumstances'.

- Maintenance manager Niels Wiek after the installation

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