At Aquafin's request, Blommaert adapted the existing effluent building at the Antwerp-South water treatment plant. For periodic maintenance, it must be possible to remove the three effluent screw pumps from the building at regular intervals. The existing structure with a hoisting cable was unsafe, and Blommaert was asked to work out a good solution for this.


The complete assignment of Aquafin consisted of the removal of the existing hoisting cable, the installation of steel joists and the installation of 3 sliding hatches on the existing roof so that the effluent screw pumps can henceforth be safely hoisted from the building. For this, 3 holes were made in the existing roof from which the effluent screw pumps can now be removed by crane.

Installation of sliding hatches, railings and cage ladder of aluminium

The dimension of the aluminium sliding hatches is 10 x 2,5 metres. These are operated manually and can be secured with a padlock. Blommaert also installed a 10-meter high cage ladder with a swinging gate and railings in aluminium so that one can safely walk on the roof.


The works were performed right on schedule and took only 3 weeks. The new structure quickly demonstrated its merits when, shortly after acceptance, one of the screw pumps broke down. After completion and the first use of the hatches, we were congratulated by Aquafin for the quality of the works and the good communication between the two parties throughout the process.

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