Last month, the Italian cruise ship ‘Aidaprima’ arrived at Zeebrugge. A brand new gangway was immediately put into use. This new gangway is intended to optimise the flow of passengers embarking and disembarking.

In recent years, Zeebrugge has been receiving increasing numbers of prestigious cruise ships. The large volume of passengers on board must be able to disembark very quickly so that this eats into their ‘limited time’ in Belgium as little as possible.

Blommaert arranged the development and successful commissioning of this gangway. It is no less than 30 metres long and weighs 5 tonnes. This impressive piece of equipment consists of three parts, so it can be dismantled. This allows the length to be reduced to 21 metres.

All Blommaert gangways are subjected to an inspection and load test. This allows us to be 100% sure of their safety.

The investment in this new gangway is a clear signal from Zeebrugge to the cruise lines. It allows an optimum service to be offered so that Zeebrugge will be opted for even more often in the future.

(Source: Article from the “Krant van West-Vlaanderen” newspaper. Consulted on 27 June 2016.)

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