BeGreen supplies business customers with sustainable heating at an increasing number of sites in the Netherlands. As a national heat producer, BeGreen replaces existing gas-fired power stations for local sustainable heat solutions. The customer takes out an energy contract, and then BeGreen develops, funds, builds and runs the project. 20 years is a normal duration of an energy contract. Terms which describe BeGreen well are transparent, sustainable and local.

Project in Zwolle

BeGreen offers a sustainable alternative to heating with gas in the form of local wood-fired thermal power stations. One of these is in Zwolle. An existing school building and a new swimming pool are connected to a communal, sustainable heat supply on the basis of local woodchips from branches and treetops. These are obtained from sustainably managed woodlands in the region. So far, they have often been exported for the same heat application, but now BeGreen is starting to use them locally for heat production. This is not only useful but in particular good for the environment.


How does it work? Once or twice a week a bunker is filled with woodchips that are then automatically taken to the wood boiler. These woodchips come from sustainably managed local woodland. As a result, the wood often still has a moisture content of around 40%, but there is very little ash residue thanks to efficient combustion.

Disposal is carried out using a crane truck that replaces a truck with a trailer. It must be possible to unload at short notice, which is why BeGreen opted for an aluminium sliding roof from Blommaert. This can be opened and closed quickly and easily. Additional fire resistance was required because the storage bunker was too close to the plot boundary. After a thorough examination and a comprehensive fire test, Blommaert offered a convincing response in the form of a fire-resistant coating to be applied to the hatches. This makes the hatches fire-resistant for at least 60 minutes.

BeGreen is delighted with this solution, but also with the cooperation: “From the first discussions to completion we have always had confidence that Blommaert would find the right solution to our question, and especially to our fire resistance requirements. We would certainly contact Blommaert again for similar projects”, commented Bart Van Leeuwen, project manager for development at BeGreen.

The advantages of a Blommaert mobile sliding roof

Blommaert is always involved in the measurement, design, production and fitting of the mobile roofs. Our roofs also have the following properties:

  • Robust construction combined with lightness and ease of handling
  • Maximum usability: roof openings of up to 100% are possible
  • Design can be adapted to use (fire-resistant coating)

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