Gangways and accommodation ladders

Blommaert also designs, calculates and manufactures gangways and accommodation ladders to assure a safe way of embarking and disembarking passengers. You provide different types of aluminium gangways, walkways, accommodation laddersstairs and platforms. Which we all manufacture in our own production halls, made entirely to the customer's specification. In doing so, we place quality at the forefront together with the safety of our employees. Our products can be fabricated with certificated welding and tested by Bureau Veritas.

Our different models


Knowledge and commitment

Over the years, Blommaert has become a specialist in terms of custom built products. Accordingly, this is no different for our range of gangways. Being a manufacturing company means we keep everything in house.

We have been working to EN 1090 standard since 1 July 2014. This means that everything we do is monitored by an all-embracing factory inspection system (Tüv). This is a guarantee, not only for the compliance of our processes, but also of our product quality.



For the technical specifications of our wheelhouse stairs, gangways and ramps and/or a quote, please contact us by means of the form below.

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