Wheelhouse stairs

The stairs to the wheelhouse must in the first place be safe. To this purpose, the stairs are supplied with hinged anti-slip steps, aluminium supports, a stainless steel upper platform, built-in wheels and led lights. However, Blommaert also aims for wheelhouse stairs in a beautiful design. Stairs where no bolts or hinges are visible, where the tube profile is nicely rounded and where the finish is of the best quality. On the basis of our years of experience, we ensure a safe and comfortable entrance to the wheelhouse.


  • Stainless steel (304) railing, grinded (grain 320)
  • Stainless steel (316) railing, polished
  • LED-lighting
  • Retractable gate in 1 railing
  • Stair at the height of the gate
  • Set front railings in aluminium on stainless steel platform
  • Set front railings in stainless steel on stainless steel platform
  • Lower the railing at 1 side because of the roof board

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