Stern light masts and stern light supports

Our aluminium stern light supports are an essential part of the finish on the ship’s aft. Apart from carrying navigation lights, this support can also carry other equipment/elements, such as satellite dishes, deck lights, flagpole holders etc. Our stern light supports are standard equipped with a deck support in steel and optionally in stainless steel.
Our aluminium stern light masts are a combination of an aft mast and a support for the stern lights. They make for a beautiful and at the same time practical finish on the aft. They also enable maximum reach for your satellite antenna and the crawl-line remains unimpaired. Our stern light masts are standard equipped with a hydraulic cylinder and a mast base in steel or optionally in stainless steel.


For the technical specifications of our stern light masts and stern light supports and/or a quote, please contact us by means of the form below.

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