Stackable Hatches

The HD sheet pile wall and HD-GL stackable hatches are available in one single level and are suitable for stacking. Thanks to that stacking possibility, an extra large loading and unloading opening of up to 90% is possible. Stackable hatches are flexible hatches, which, depending on the number of stacked hatches and the position of the other hatches, allow an opening adjusted to the application or the weather conditions.


  • Heavy Duty, hence very strong
  • Loading and unloading opening of up to 90%
  • Flexible system: by sliding and stacking you can determine the location of the opening yourself
  • Limited manoeuvring space since there is only one level available

Technical features

  • Heavy aluminium profiles as basis for stackable hatches
  • HD sheet pile wall: self-supporting sheet pile wall made of aluminium plates (2.5 or 3 mm) with gangway consisting of tread plate
  • HD-GL: hatches supported by a set of tube profiles with a smooth aluminium plate covering (3 or 4 mm) and an anti-slip gangway of tread plate in the middle
  • Aluminium wheel housings welded on the lateral profile equipped with double bearing wheels and stainless steel axles
  • Operation by one person is possible
  • Cast stacking containers and wind securing supports for detachable wind hooks
  • Always with hydraulic system


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