Delta Sliding Hatches

Our Delta sliding hatches are light, self-supporting hatches that are easy to operate for spans of up to 15 meters. They are often used for tug-pushed dumb barges.


  • Can easily be moved manually since they are slightly lighter than the regular slide hatch covers (GL)
  • Lightweight thanks to self-supporting pile wall construction without compromising strength
  • Require little maintenance as they contain only a limited number of mechanical parts
  • Spans of up to 15 meters

Technical features

  • Cap type equipped with a double ridge if you wish
  • Top plate covering thickness: 2.5 mm (optionally 3 mm)
  • Side wall thickness: 4 mm (optionally 5 mm)
  • Horizontal part in tread plate
  • Ridge reinforced at the bottom
  • Top plate covering is formed (profiled) so as to obtain a rigid sheet pile wall profile
  • Top plate covering is mounted on 4 mm aluminium side walls with supports at the inside
  • EPDM seals prevent water from seeping in
  • Stainless steel wheel housings in side walls with double bearing wheels and stainless steel axles
  • Lock recesses are fully made of stainless steel
  • Solid wind hooks are present on each hatch cover


For technical specifications about Blommaert’s Delta sliding hatches, advice and/or a quote, please contact us by means of the form below.

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