Sliding hatches

Blommaert designs and manufactures aluminium sliding hatches for bulk carriers and inland vessels. These hatches are all easy to maintain and thanks to their light weight, they can be easily moved manually. Every project is fitted to the measurements of the ship. The underlying principle is: “the more panels on various levels, the larger the opening obtained”. EPDM seals are fitted between the respective levels of the hatches, in order to prevent water from seeping in. Furthermore, the hatches feature guide wheels on one side only, in order to compensate for differences in hold width. The hatches can also be made stackable using hydraulic cylinders, as a large part of the ship hold remains covered with this type of hatch covers.

3 types:

  • Delta slide hatch covers: light, self-supporting hatches that are easy to operate for spans of up to 15 meters
  • Slide hatches "GL" with smooth surface and walking strip made of tread plate located in the ridge of the hatch
  • Stackable hatches for a large opening (up to 90%) by stacking the hatch covers


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