Roof radar masts

Our aluminium roof radar masts are mounted on the roof of the wheelhouse. This way, optimum use of the space at the aft deck can be ensured. Only a short movement is required to fold the radar mast forward or backward or to lower it telescopically. Optionally the wings can be tilted as well.

6 types

  • Futura: our best-selling roof radar mast. The D-shaped mast is the perfect match for our Improval and Hazard masts. Extensions for satellite antennas are possible in various types: Loma (satellite next to the radar) or Isis (satellite behind the radar).
  • Aquateam: D-shaped with a rounded straight body.
  • Nikki: the simplest version among the roof radar masts. Affordable and compact.
  • Arizona: matches the other masts of the Arizona range perfectly.
  • Iduna: double roof radar mast. The wings consist of one single piece and its outer parts are foldable.
  • Telescopic roof radar mast: roof radar mast with aluminium wings that can be lowered telescopically.



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