Hydraulic hatch cover cranes

Our hydraulic hatch cover cranes (type HLW) are designed to carefully stack and move our renowned "Friesche Kap" or "Frisian Cap" hatch covers. The design of these cranes is especially determined by the height of the carriage in idle status so as to meet the desired crawl-line. In most cases, all hatch covers can be stacked on one pile and the maximum hold opening in container ships can be obtained. Besides the HLW hatch cover crane, there is also a simpler s-HLW hatch cover crane for smaller ships.

Technical specifications HLW hatch cover crane

  • Basic construction: single-tube steel profile as connection between two vertical shafts
  • Both vertical shafts move up and down over stainless steel internal shafts by means of hydraulic cylinders
  • Stainless steel internal shafts mounted onto the cranes with hydraulic travel motors
  • Scoops for lifting the hatch covers stand in hinged connection with the upper part of the cover crane
  • Tubes and steel components have been sand-blasted and treated with a layer of zinc coating
  • Central hydro-unit, secured with aluminium cover
  • TL lights at the sides for work area illumination
  • Standing platform with platform bracket
  • Derailing protection
  • Cable reel with tension-free cable
  • CE labelling and all electrical components minimally meet the IP55 standard


For further technical specifications about the hydraulic HLW and s-HLW hatch cover cranes, advice and/or a quote, please contact us by means of the form below.

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