Frisian Hatch Covers

The Frisian hatch is a frequently used hatch cover for inland vessels. It consists of separate custom-made aluminium hatches adjusted to the hold dimensions (from 4 up to 12.5 meters). As a rule, the hatches are composed of 2 slanting sides resting on the coaming with a horizontal central walking section in between. The best-selling type is the one for which no coaming holes (notches) need to be cut, (i.e. a so-called 'smooth' coaming).

Technical features

  • Made from a pre-formed aluminium sheet
  • Horizontal middle section in tread plate (only in case of double ridge)
  • Available in various dimensions: panels in 1, 2 or 3 parts depending on the hold length
  • Flexible rubber strips on clamps (the part that rests on the coaming) compensate for irregularities in the coaming and differences in hold width

Perfect combination with hatch cover crane

The combination of Frisian hatches and a hydraulic hatch cover crane is perfect to carefully transport the hatches and to stack them on ships that require a maximum hold opening. The hatches and the hatch cover crane only require little space on the ship. On top of that, the hatches and the hatch carriage are fully adjusted to one another.

Frisian hatch type Derkiena

This type of Frisian hatch was made retractable on the side where the hatches rest on the coaming edge, resulting in hardly any overhang and leaving sufficient space in the gangway as stipulated by the safety prescriptions. The ingenious slide system in combination with the conically shaped gutters of these hatches reduce the stacking height to the minimum height of 8 cm. The combination of the retractable "Derkiena" hatches and the retractable hatch cover crane results in an improved safety for crew and visitors on board.


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