A hydraulic, remotely controllable foremast is not only practical but also beautiful. In order to respond as well as possible to the wishes of our customers, all our foremasts are custom-made. Aluminium or stainless steel? Telescopic or folding forward or backward? With our without side wings? Cable ducts inside or outside? High quality paint finish? The answers to these questions lead to a sustainable foremast with its head adjusted to the chosen radar in order for it to be as low as possible with respect to the crawl-line.

Various types

Every ship is different and so are the foremasts. Nevertheless, Blommaert always starts from half a dozen standard foremasts.

  • Celandro
  • Arizona
  • Hazard: backward folding mast whose radar head is adapted to the type of radar. Its D-shape profiles itself conically into one majestic unit.
  • Improval
  • Improval Progress: solid forward folding mast with specific rounded ‘Progress’ wings. Is always supplied fully painted. An absolutely beautiful mast with lay-out and mounting points on the wings as chosen by the customer.
  • Eurostar: this XXL version of the Improval offers room for two radars on the mast head or wings. In combination with the fully rounded Progress wings, this gives an exquisite result!


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