Aft masts

Blommaert’s hydraulic, remotely controllable aft masts are not only functional but beautiful as well! Our aft masts are made from aluminium and can either be mounted on the deck or on the cabin’s lower structure (aft masts for construction on the cabin’s roof can be seen in our folder “Roof radar masts”).
All our aft masts can be equipped with bespoke side wings or yards. Those are all ideally suited for constructing the corresponding radar, satellites and other fixtures. The cable ducts, tubes and cylinders can be fitted either inside the mast or outside. If desired, the aluminium aft mast can be protected by means of high quality paint.

Various types

Every ship is different and so are the aft masts. Nevertheless, Blommaert always starts from five standard types.

  • Progress: the flagship of our radar masts. Very aesthetic aft mast thanks to the rounded shape and the high quality paint in white or grey metallic. The standard equipment of this mast includes a double-acting cylinder and star-shaped ornamental wing with lay-out at the customer’s discretion.
  • Celandro: solid, elegant aft mast with a rounded front and curved back side. Because of its bodywork not being too wide, it is ideally suited for narrower ships. Looks rather statuesque because of its D-shape. Supplied with standard profile wings with mounting points and lay-out at the customer’s discretion (lamps, antennas, etc.).
  • Arizona: rectangular, functional radar mast. Affordable thanks to its simple and uncomplicated shape. Despite its lean shape, the cylinder and parallel rod are incorporated within the mast.
  • Hazard: solid, elegantly D-shaped mast. Excellent price/quality ratio.
  • Eurostar: double Progress mast with one continuous wing.


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