At Blommaert we aim to contribute to a more sustainable future. With that goal in mind, we joined forces with shipbuilding group Damen Shipyards and solar energy specialist Wattlab to produce our first sliding hatches equipped with solar panels.

The advantages of solar hatches

A skipper can save both money and energy by equipping his ship's hatches with solar panels. A ship with an electric motor, for example hybrid or diesel-electric, can use the obtained solar energy for propulsion to save fuel.

Ships that do not use electric propulsion also benefit from installing the solar sliding hatches since they will be less dependent on diesel generators for on-board power supply.


In conclusion, the solar sliding hatches reduce emissions, wear and tear on generators and fuel consumption, resulting in lower operating costs. In addition, this innovation also reduces local air and noise pollution in ports.


A collaboration with Wattlab, DAMEN Shipyard and Oleander


According to Tom Blommaert, CEO of Blommaert Aluminium, the biggest challenge is to continue to innovate and respond to market demands:


"We want to contribute to the needs of current and future generations. Sustainability is an important theme in this matter".


However, we cannot build a “green” future all by ourselves. That is why we teamed up with Wattlab, DAMEN Shipyards and the skipper of the Oleander to produce the solar sliding hatches.

Wattlab made our sliding hatches suitable for the integration of solar panels, cabling and connections, and DAMEN Shipyards advised us on product development and the market. The skipper of Oleander made his ship available for the first test rig with which he will sail through Europe this month. After a successful practical test, we hope to be able to present to you this innovation in the course of 2021.

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