Just imagine: you are about to unload or load a cargo, when suddenly your hatch cover crane stops working. A very stressful situation which no one likes to experience. To avoid this inconvenience, we recommend you to regularly schedule an appointment with Blommaert for preventative maintenance or an inspection of your hatch cover crane.


Your hatch cover crane, whether hydraulic or manually operated, has to withstand a lot. It regularly comes into contact with salt water and is exposed to all types of weather conditions and corrosive loads. However, it is sometimes difficult to tell when your hatch cover crane requires maintenance.


Defects on the outside are quite noticeable, but on the inside you often do not know what your hatch cover crane looks like. Therefore, we always recommend playing it safe and scheduling maintenance or an inspection in time.


Below, you will find a few tips on maintaining and inspecting your hatch cover crane:

  • Have your hatch cover crane inspected and maintained periodically to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • Always read the maintenance manual which you received from us when you bought your hatch cover crane.
  • Check and oil regularly, especially when your hatch cover crane has not been used for a long time.
  • Replace moving parts such as cables and pipes if they show traces of use.

Would you like to make an appointment to have your hatch cover crane inspected or would you like to obtain more information? Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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